Wireless Networking

Commercial and domestic wireless installation

A wireless local-area network (LAN) uses radio waves to connect devices such as laptops and mobile phones to the Internet and to your business network and its applications. When you connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot at a cafe, a hotel, an airport lounge, or another public place, you're connecting to that business's wireless network.

There are four main types of wireless networks:

  • Wireless Local Area Network (LAN): Links two or more devices using a wireless distribution method, providing a connection through access points to the wider Internet
  • Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN): Connects several wireless LANs
  • Wireless Wide Area Network (WAN): Covers large areas such as neighboring towns and cities
  • Wireless Personal Area Network (PAN): Interconnects devices in a short span, generally within a person’s reach

The benefits:

Several benefits for a wireless network: Convenience, Productivity, Mobility, Low Cost, Security, Expandability and Easy setup.

Protocol have over 30 years of experience in installing new or upgrading existing networks in the commercial and retail sectors Nationwide. Our Wi-Fi solutions include, but are not limited to; Point to Point links, Indoor Wi-Fi, Covering Services, Outdoor Wi-Fi solutions. We will begin with an in-depth Wi-Fi survey to help establish your business goals. Once we are clear on your business needs and requirements our specialist engineers will discuss the next steps with you.

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