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Construction Products Regulation (CPR) For Cables

Most cables designed for permanent installation within domestic, residential and commercial building are now subject to the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), covered by BS EN 50575. This became a legal requirement in July 2017.

BS EN50575 enables designers and installers to consider the contribution that cables make to the spread of fire. Cables are a particular concern as they run between rooms and floors, above ceilings, and are often made from flammable materials. They can be a source of ignition if badly installed, damaged or faulty.

Cable Classes (Euroclass) range from Eca, Dca, Cca and B2ca and fire tests are conducted and independently verified by a Notified Body to give them their CPR class (Euroclass) verification rating.

It is up to the designer, specifier or installer to satisfy themselves that the products chosen are appropriate for the application and meet any contractual requirements. Care will be taken to asses the risk of fire within a building and the potential ease of evacuation and the appropriate CPR class (Euroclass) of cable will be specified for the appropriate fire risks in the building or application.

Euroclass Cable Levels and Color Coding - courtesy of Leviton.

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